This is the blog site for letting people know about the travel adventures of Timmy the TravelWorm as well as a blogspot to find new information about Timmy’s company Also since Timmy is based in VEGAS check here for reviews on Las Vegas shows, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and activities.  

From Running with the Bulls in Spain to spending some time at the Playboy Mansion’s Blotto in the Grotto Party last year, Timmy’s travels can be followed here and on his myspace page. And if you want to see Timmy’s photos you can find them at

Timmy loves meeting new people so you can ask him questions, leave comments or share your travel experiences with us here. We would love to hear from you! And very soon you too can take Timmy on an adventure.. send us the pictures and we will post the best ones on our sites.. Just keep watching here for the details..

Here are just a few of Timmy’s Adventures ..

Running with the Bulls in Spain

Running with the Bulls

Timmy in Spain

A Visit to Bally’s Las Vegas

Timmy the TravelWorm at Bally’s Show Jubilee



Some Time at Blotto In The Grotto at the Playboy Mansion

Timmy at the Playboy Mansion

Keeping an eye on…


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